Herring Cove Sidewalk Extension

UPDATE, January 2019: This project has been included in HRM’s 2019 Capital Projects budget.

~ Abe

What is a community? Ideally, it is people working together towards a common interest. People who see each other, share conversations and ideas, and a collective identity is formed and reformed when necessary. As our communities grow, maintaining these relationships can become a challenge, particularly when infrastructure development tends to occur in some areas more than others.

What is more important than health, safety and connectivity to a community? We all need and desire to connect with local services. Access to a vehicle is not a luxury available to all, and can often be an avoidable expense. Promoting active transport should be a no-brainer and basic infrastructure, such as a sidewalk even more so! In a community like Spryfield, where most essential services are still within walking distance of residents, we believe that a sidewalk extension from the Eastern side of Lynnett Road to 564 Herring Cove Road, and the Western side of the road from 505 Herring Cove Road to 581 Herring Cove Road, would ensure that residents have safe access to essential services, and a healthy, low cost alternative to vehicles.

The Spryfield Community Association believes that this extension of the sidewalk is both long overdue and necessary for the health and safety of the community. The current situation forces people to use the shoulders of a busy road to access transportation, education, health services, legal services, shops, the library and parks. This is especially dangerous for children and the elderly, and it also disables those who use wheelchairs, walkers, strollers or are visually or hearing impaired.

A sidewalk will help those living in this neighbourhood who want to live a healthier lifestyle. It means peace of mind for parents and grandparents of children who walk to and from school, and to Pathways to Education, every day. This investment in public safety will signal that all of us included in the greater community and that we are all a valued part of it, because our relationships with each other are what matter most.

We have garnered the support of organizations and community groups all over the city for this initiative, and we hope that we will be supported by the municipality with approval in the 2017-2018 city budget. We don’t want to wait for a tragedy to occur when we know we can avoid it today.

Letters Of Support

Update from Veronica Post, February 25 2017

I am happy to report that due to the hard work and excellence of the Spryfield Community Association’s Sidewalk Committee, a sidewalk extension to the 500 block of Herring Cove Road is no longer a matter of “if” but “when”!

So many organizations and individuals supported us with letters, and helped us understand how to make a presentation to the Committee of the Whole during their Budget meetings earlier this month.

Our presentation was met with interest and enthusiasm from councillors and city staff alike. There is a general agreement that, for the safety of all residents, and for increased accessibility, this sidewalk is necessary.

Transportation and Public Works has already begun consultations with us about building the sidewalk. There are some tests and studies that need to be done before construction can begin, but it sounds like we will see our new sidewalk take shape in 2018.

Thank you to the following people and organizations for your enthusiastic support, Steven Adams, Walk n’ Roll, Chebucto Connections, Echo Hub, Reachability, Gerry Post, Tristan Cleveland

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