Meeting Minutes

Unapproved minutes from our Annual General Meeting.


Spryfield Community Association

Minutes – Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018  – Captain William Spry Center, 16 Sussex Street

7:00pm – 9:00pm


In Attendance


Crysta Cumming, Marjorie Willison, Dylan Letendre, Emily Eager, Abe Sorge, Bruce Holland, Michael MacMillan, Anne-Marie Curtis, Steve Adams, Chantal Lacroix, Brendan Maguire, Veronica Post, Mary Ritchie


Secretary:  Abe Sorge




Motions, discussions and actions

  • Welcome and Attendance           
Marjorie WillisonHello, everyone.
2.2 Review of the minutes
Abe SorgeMinutes of the November meeting aren’t done yet.Deferred until the next meeting. Minutes for our last AGM were approved the month after the AGM.
3 Treasurer’s Report
Chantal LacroixWe have $522. 2017 is accounted for.Chantal moved to approve the budget, Bruce Holand seconded, passed by general acclaim.
4. Election of Directors
MarjorieWho is going to be held responsible around here??!?Marjorie is President, Emily Eager Vice-President, Chantal Treasurer, Abe is Secretary.
MarjorieNew directors. Hug-in.Marjorie moved that Michael MacMillan, Bruce Holland, Anne-Marie Curtis, Dylan Letendre, Brendan Maguire, and Steve Adams be elected to the Board. Crysta Cumming seconded, passed by general acclaim.
5. Yearly Review
Crysta CummingCrysta recounted our substantial list of accomplishments.We must all take a moment to bask in the radiant glow we’ve created. It’s positively bioluminescent.
6. Roundtable Discussion
Steve AdamsSteve says the 500 Block update is coming from the City in February. The 10-storey proposed building on Sussex and Herring Cove Road has been slashed to 7 storeys; public info session to follow. Almost 3000 homes are scheduled to be built in Spryfield,Governor’s Brook is getting a bus and there are playgrounds getting built everywhere. The City is in negotiations with a developer to sell the plot of land at 530 Herring Cove Road, and Steve would like to keep a portion of it as a park.
Bruce HollandBruce is participating in a new group, Leading With Transit. They’re working on a light rail network in Halifax with a branch in Spryfield. And in Urban Farm news, the Society is going to work with an MBA from Dal to develop some business cases for the Farm, and work towards purchasing Janet Kidston’s land.We want to be a part of the train group, because we love trains.
Brendan MaguireBrendan gave us a general High School site update. The NSHA is opening a blood donation site at Dentith Road, there’s a youth tech hub in the works, and the Spryfield Farmer’s Market is moving to the Emmanuel Church on Herring Cove Road from the soon-to-be-closed Lion’s Rink. Also, some kind of snow removal plan is in the works.
AbeAbe outlined a potential volunteer opportunity to gather donations of luggage and provide them to Phoenix Shelter. It’s a big project.Too big. We decided not to pursue it right now, but we will look into doing something similar on an informal basis. Brendan offered his office as a drop-off point.
Dylan LetendreDylan expressed an interest on behalf of ECHO hub to obtain the use of some of the City-owned land at 530 Herring Cove Road for a community garden.Perhaps Councillor Adam’s park could incorporate a community garden.
Michael MacMillanThe website is running on Mike’s personal servers, which he is retiring soon. The SCA will need some money to buy some hosting space elsewhere. Also, we should put interesting things to do in Spryfield on our website.We should definitely do that. There are dozens of under-appreciated nifty things in the Spryzone, so let’s start cataloging and publicizing them.
Another successful AGM.