Want to volunteer?

We’d love to work with you. Get in touch!

The Spryfield Community Association is looking for people who want to improve their skill set in a practical setting, or loan their specialized knowledge to a useful end. This is just selection of possibilities, and presented in no particular order. Volunteer opportunities can be open-ended, or a scope of work can be agreed upon. Check out our FAQ for a bit more information. We are happy to provide letters of reference.

  • Social media wranglers – someone must feed the goats. Their names are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Storytellers – we love Spryfield, and always want to know more about it. We’d be happy to hear some tales; narratives are rocket fuel for action.
  • Writers – there are a million stories in the naked Spryfield. If you’re reading this page and have a topic you wish to explore, it’s safe to say the SCA would love to showcase your work, but here are some examples: local business profiles, profiles of people about town, local history, figuring out how problems can be fixed, or tours of places you love.
  • Graphic designer – create zingy posters, guides, or other visual materials.
  • Website dev – Yep, she’s got good bones, this old website. *pounds on server with fist* Gooood bones.
  • Trash picker upper – let’s clean up, shall we?
  • Farm Theatre crew – set up the theatre, welcome the crowd, enjoy the movie. This is a fun job for all ages and abilities, there’s always something gratifying to do.
  • Farm Theatre logistics – licensing, finding films to screen, advertising, and planning.
  • Fundraiser – Like hellraisers, but for money. An arcane art.
  • Halifax watchers – float predatorialy in the Municipal information stream, plucking meaty tidbits and tossing them over your shoulder to us to appease our hungry cries. Keep an eye on staff reports, development proposals, and sundry City happenings.
  • Photographers, videographers and documentarians of all kinds. Want to make some movies?
  • Researchers – who wants to spend some time in the Municipal Archives?!?!
  • Accessibility experts.
  • Transportation/transit wonks.
  • Community liaisons – are you working with a volunteer or professional group in the area and would like to let us know what you’re up to? We are always interested knowing about and sharing with our network what is going on about town.
  • Purveyors of fine solutions – we humbly require all formal complaints to be accompanied by one (1) good-faith attempt at a resolution. That said, this is a roundabout way of asking for complainers, because if something is wrong, we should be talking about it.