Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Anyone can join. It’s free. But generally speaking, if Herring Cove Road is your Main Street, you’ll probably be interested in our activities.

How do I become a member?

Come to a monthly meeting and join the mailing list. That’s it.

What about meetings?

We meet monthly at the Captain Spry Rec Center, 16 Sussex Street, from 7:00-8:30pm. Check at the front desk to confirm which room. Always the last Wednesday of every month, except for the months of July, August and December, when we meet as needed. Committee meetings are ongoing. Bring your kids if you want.

Are meetings fun?

Yes. Our recipe is to keep things light and fluffy, with a small side of fiberous procedure. The more chefs the merrier.

So who are you exactly?

We are all volunteers. We have a board of directors drawn from the general membership.

How are you funded?

 We apply for grants, we accept donations at our community events, and live by a philosophy of make-do. If you are moved to make a donation, contact us. That would be nice.

How do you decide what to do as a group?

Someone will bring an idea to a meeting, we will discuss it, and look at background or supporting material. If it deserves lots of time we’ll form a committee to look at it and report at the next meeting. Usually we just decide on the spot by arriving at a basic consensus and then voting on it. Every member attending the meeting gets to vote. You don’t need to be a member to propose something or participate in a meeting.

Why is your logo a bench?

It’s a cheap, accessible and effective tool for getting to know your neighbours. If you really want to get to know a place, you need a comfortable vantage point. And a bench is always welcome if you’re just not going to stand for it.

What are you up to nowadays?

Check out our Projects page.

Hey, can I show a movie in my yard, or borrow your gear for a wedding, funeral, bbq, lawn-dart tournament, and etc…?

Yes. One of the many perks available to SCA members, once you rack up a few volunteer hours and are a proven Venturesome Member, you can book the movie theatre setup. But not for lawn darts, that was just a joke.

Oh really. What are some other perks?

Incrementally making the world a better place, learning new stuff, meeting new people, and becoming Venturesome.

What if have an idea for you, a question, or a comment?

Get in touch. We would love to hear from you.