Tristan Cleveland – Letter Supporting Herring Cove Road Sidewalk Extension

Dear Mayor and Council,

The Spryfield Residents Association has it right: let’s extend the Herring Cove sidewalk now and forget about widening that section of road. Herring Cove Road is the heart of a community, so let’s design it to prioritize the safety and quality of life of the people who live there.

I am impressed by the passion and vision of the Spryfield Residents Association. If Council makes good on this absolutely reasonable request, it could empower volunteers to achieve even more. Spryfield will be a great place if they achieve half of what they believe in.

A staff report has been requested on making the extension. Given the backlog of staff reports, I recommend staff be asked to respond via the Integrated Mobility Plan, so that this extension may be included in the first round of sidewalk construction priorities.


Tristan Cleveland