The Spryfield Community Association is a group of people interested in the wellbeing and development of Spryfield as a place to live and destination for visitors. Our aim is to encourage the ongoing trend of Spryfield as a great place, where people are friendly and supportive, infrastructure projects improve public transportation and accessibility, and citizens come out to help one another with community projects. We are a democratic group, open to all stakeholders and committed to providing a platform for your voice in the community.

Spryfield is a diverse and beautiful place, with people from many backgrounds living between large swaths of natural terrain. People know Spryfield as a place to play and raise a family, shop, hike, relax in retirement, walk to the store, swim in indoor waves and lakes, eat, have backyard bonfires with their friends, garden, sled, go to the library, bowl and bicycle.

What is Spryfield to you? What is it that you love about this place, or want to improve?

We welcome you to join us! We know you have good ideas. Your input and involvement is important to us. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Contact us.

Just email us. All communications are prepared daily and served piping hot by a certified sentence-chef using only the freshest locally sourced words. Real people read your email and will get back to you pretty quickly.

Or come to a monthly meeting.

Who Made That Amazing Logo?

Logo by Shelly Gillis.

Original concept by Veronica Post