Is Spryfield that Bad?

This Question… typed into hundreds, perhaps thousands of search bars around the world!!! Who is asking it? Prospective tenants? Buyers? Business owners? Curious onlookers? Spryfielders themselves!?

Whoever it is, let me make a few points related to the question itself. First of all typing the word “Bad” into a search does limit the results somewhat to postings that contain the words: “Spryfield Bad!” and that’s a shame. The question reinforces an assumption, conscious or not, on the part of the asker.

I do enjoy the use of the adjverb “that” … Like the asker is thinking “I know, Spryfield-bad! But is it THAT bad?”

Not only a question to answer, but an assumption to be discredited

In my opinion, the reputation that Spryfield has – in some circles – is basically a stereotype based on two factors; aging infrastructure and housing. While these things aren’t “good” they aren’t, in my opinion, justification for labeling the community as “bad”.

Spryfield is home to many hard-working families, and there is rental housing and older housing that needs repairs, but the condition of some of the housing is not an indication that the community is “bad”. People need affordable housing, and it is a shame that “affordable” often means “unattractive/damaged”.

This issue will be solved when society guarantees dignified housing for all! (surely will happen aaaaany minute now..)

Why Spryfield is labeled as “bad”?

The other thing is that Spryfield suffers from bad planning decisions made in the car-crazy past. The main street, Herring Cove Road, was transformed from a charming, winding road dotted with old wooden houses, churches, shops and restaurants into a 4-lane thoroughfare dotted with huge parking lots, but this is not all there is to Spryfield! It is unfortunately all that most people see when driving through. The casual personal vehicle operator may not notice the many quiet, quaint, tree lined streets filled with families that exist behind the main road.

On top of that, are the usual preconceptions that plague areas that have housing and infrastructure needs as “crime-ridden”. I have lived in both Spryfield and South-end Halifax, and I would feel safer walking alone in Spryfield any night. The community is small, it’s easy to get to know your locals and people in Spryfield like to talk to each other.

The Rockingstone of Spryfield

In addition to friendly people, Spryfield has great resources, both in it’s beautiful wilderness areas and it’s library, schools, community centre, urban farm, wave-pool and health and wellness centre. It’s a short distance to fishing communities, beaches, lakes, and hiking trails. And i’m not just saying that so I can sound like an advertisement for new subdivisions!!

What i’m saying is this, I think the definition of “good” should include working class people, newcomers, affordable housing and if you agree, than welcome to Spryfield!

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