Traveling Theatre

The Spryfield Community Travelling Theatre plays movies in outdoor locations in Spryfield. Venues work with the neighbourhoods to avoid disruption to nearby residences and businesses.
The movies are appropriate for all-ages and hosted by members of the association.
We aim to support connectivity and wholesome fun in our community. Promoting a safe space for people to connect and enjoy each others’ company.
During the movies, the association raises money by offering concessions for affordable prices.

Posts about the Traveling Theatre

Outdoor Theatre Spryfield

New outdoor theatre in Spryfield brings community together

Here’s a tidy little article in the Chronicle Herald about our fabulous movie theatre and a few the Venturesome Members who made it happen. There’s a tangible swell of interest in the theatre, and I’m quite excited to put together the 2019 theatre season. Do you think this is finally our to do our all-nighter…

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People watching a movie in at an outdoor movie theatre in Spryfield, Nova Scotia

Traveling Film Fest

To celebrate the fact that we actually have a wonderful outdoor theatre, we’re having three nights of films about space. Because why not. The traveling theatre is coming back to base. Base located at the Urban Farm, most accessible entry is on Rockingstone Road. Friday September 14, Saturday September 15, and Sunday September 16. Movies…

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