Ecology Action Centre – Letter Supporting Herring Cove Road Sidewalk Extension

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing in support of the Spryfield Residents Association. This community group is very active in Spryfield and they know what their community needs. A simple sidewalk extension on Herring Cove Road could make Spryfield significantly more accommodating to pedestrians and increase health and safety in the neighbourhood. Sidewalks are the first step in creating Complete Streets that serve multiple modes of transportation and help to bring greater economic activity to an area. I believe this is an entirely reasonable request and will help the Residents Association to achieve many of their other goals.

While a staff report has been requested on the sidewalk extension, it seems that the residents of Spryfield might sooner get what their community needs if the request was prioritized in the Integrated Mobility Plan. Therefore, I encourage you to see this as a feasible option. Herring Cove Road is the heart of Spryfield and should certainly be prioritized as such.


Jenny Lugar

Jenny Lugar, Sustainable Cities Coordinator

2705 Fern Lane, Halifax, NS, B3K 4L3
tel. 902.454.6199
cell 902.478.1879

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