The Vision For The New High School In Spryfield

The people affected by the decisions should be involved in the decision making. That’s why we brought different viewpoints to the conversation to create our school. 

During out session on October 24th we captured lots of input on our 2 main questions:

  1. How can the school help the community?
  2. What can the community offer to the new school?
Group photo of the people involved in the meeting for exploring the vision for the new high school in Spryfield

We got so much amazing input:

  • World class athletic facilities
  • Auditorium space for the school and community
  • Community gardens and industrial kitchen space
  • Music rooms and recording studios
  • Learning centres
  • Mental health spaces
  • Outdoor courtyards
  • Youth centres
  • Community health and wellness spaces…

And so very much more!! We are working to get input from the teachers and students. As well as providing opportunities to seek input from the community. This input is being compiled and provided to the parties involved in building this new space.

This is our opportunity to build something that will create a legacy for our community! Stay tuned for upcoming events and updates.

Post About The New School In Spryfield

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