SCA minutes Nov. 30,2022

Present: Anne-Marie (chair), Marney (treasurer), Darren, Marjorie (secretary), Counsellor Cuttell (ex officio)

1. Minutes Approval; WelcomeOctober 26, 2022. Easy to lose track of commitments from one meeting to the next.  Marney moved approval of the minutes, Marjorie seconded; approved. Marjorie as secretary to keep running the total of things we said we would do, for monthly review.   Counsellor Cuttell has suggested Obed San Jose as a possible committee member for active transportation.  
2. Planning 
2. a) SCA Strategic Plan, and other docs.  A work in progress. Marney has added her sensing question notes to the sensing document.  Counsellor Cuttell to search for themes in our amalgamated notes from the sensing questions.   We will now keep various documents in appropriate files in google docs.  Counsellor Cuttell will use her personal email to access these.  Anne-Marie will work on setting up files.  In July, Darren had sent a link for training; board directors are encouraged to look it up.   
2. b) Herring Cove Road: consultationResults of the public consultation re: Herring Cove Road by Business Commission & Dal School of Planning due for release Dec. 2.  Anne-Marie prepared a submission and has sent it to the Business Commission.   Marjorie will attend the release Dec. 2.  
2. c) Herring Cove Road: plan implementationWe are gratified to see portions of the Herring Cove Road plan being implemented.  The SCA Board will continue to monitor progress and take advantage of input opportunities.
2. d) Active transportationCounsellor Cuttell is now on the Transportation Standing Committee, and on the Active Transit Advisory Committee.Marney moved that we ask HRM for funding to develop a plan for active transportation in our community; Darren seconded. Approved. First, however, Counsellor Cuttell will find out what steps we need to follow, and then Anne-Marie will write a letter seeking financial support to hire a consultant and hear from the community.  
2. e) SDGs: Sustainable Development GoalsPotential support from Engage NS for Spryfield to make progress re: Sustainable Development Goals.  Anne-Marie & Marjorie have developed an application and shared it with the board. The board agreed that Anne-Marie and Marjorie are to finalize the application and submit it.   We think that this community-level approach would be new for Engage NS and so appeal to them. 
4. Finances  
4. a) Room rentalsIt costs $25 to rent a room at Capt. Spry Community Centre. Counsellor Cuttell has agreed to pay half.  Marney to write a letter to Counsellor Cuttell asking for this support and specifying how many months for which we are seeking support.
4. b) ReceiptsReceipts are required for reimbursement  Anne-Marie will soon submit her receipts to Marney.
5. Agent Marjorie has sent the Registry of Joint Stock Companies the form required to appoint Anne-Marie C. Curtis as our agent.  
6. Next meeting and adjournment  Meet tentatively in personJanuary 25. Meeting adjourned 8:35.