Minutes June 22/22

Spryfield Community Association

Board Meeting June 22, 2022

Present: Claire Michalewicz, Anne-Marie Curtis (chair), Emily Eager, Marjorie Willison (secretary), Marney Steeves (treasurer)

Others present: Councillor Patty Cuttell

Regrets: Darren Petters

1.0 Minutes and welcome  
1.1 Minutes April 27, May 25Circulated via e-mailMoved as corrected by Marjorie (using Anne-Marie’s corrections), seconded by Emily; approved.  
2.0 Administration items 
2.1 Calendar of board activitiesPrepared by Anne-MarieAnne-Marie to send calendar to Darren for posting on website.  
2.2 E-mail address   +@myspryfield.org was set up by Mike for the boardAll agree to use that e-mail for SCA board Marjorie to ask Mike if there is a cost to use this and if so, how much and to whom.  
2.3 Use of Google docsSome familiarity for someMarjorie to ask Darren to coach us in this.  
2.4 Agent for SCAAnne-Marie chosen at May 25 board meeting, item 4.4. Question about mailing address  Marjorie consulted with Abe – he prefers we use Anne-Marie’s address but okay if we use his, so Anne-Marie to decide.  
3.0 Finances 
3.1 CostsInsurance already paid.Marney to reimburse Anne-Marie for room rentals at CWSCC either end of December 2022 or end of March 2023.  
3.2 ContributionsBoard director cash contributions plus Abe’s payment of annual RJSC fee  This brings a running total of $226.15 to our income this year!
3.3 Cheque for Food PantryPatty brought cheque made out to SCA for a community group’s pantry initiativeBoard needs to decide how to handle a case like this, given SCA is registered with the province and the community pantry is not. What is our accountability?   
4.0 Fun Committee  
4.1 Sidewalk celebrationJuly 27, rain date July 28; 5:30 to 7:00 pm at Roach’s PondEmily to draft poster; Emily to check with MLA Brendan Maguire re: food and beverage budget for BBQ; Marjorie to book Bhangra group if possible.
4.2 MoviesAugust 26 and 27, movie date night and kids nightAnne-Marie (kids), Marney (teens) and Claire (adults) to check Criterion Collection at the public library for suitable movies (all are free). They will advise the board if they recommend paying for a good kids movie.  
5.0 Promotions 
5.0 Spryfield Days and Sensing QuestionsSpryfield Days July 16 Albert Walk Sports Pitch, 3:00 to 6:00 pmMarney & Anne-Marie 3:00 to 4:30 pm, Claire & Marjorie 4:30 to 6:00 pm Focus on Sensing Questions; Emily to locate SCA banner before July 16.  
6.0 Strategic planning  
6.1 Understanding communityPatty proposed U-theory as a framework for strategic planning, which the board agreed to. First step is to understand various views of Spryfield.   First step to ask sensing questions of very diverse people i.e. folks we would not normally listen to; aim for 3 to 5 (or more) interviews Marjorie to circulate draft sensing questions and get board feedback  
7.0 Any other businessAge-Friendly CommunitiesMarjorie to send links (re: WHO materials related to Age-Friendly Communities) to Darren for posting on our website  
8.0 Board directors  Leena from VIDA has withdrawn from the board and moved on to other things.  Patty will ask Martin at VIDA if he is interested in being on the board.  
9.0 Adjournment and next meeting  Board typically doesn’t hold meetings in July or August. Sept. 28 would be our next meeting.  We are doing activities this summer: Sensing questions during Spryfield Days July 16Movie nights August 26 and 27