SCA Minutes Jan.25th 2023

Present: Anne-Marie (chair), Darren, Marjorie (secretary), Counsellor Cuttell (ex officio)

Absent: Marney (treasurer), Emily                   Lack of quorum

1. Approval of minutesNovember 30, 2022 January 25, 2023  Approve at February meeting  
2. HRM Community Developer Jasmine DuShe is interested in meeting us, and we in meeting herMarjorie extends the invitation to our March meeting.  
3. Engage proposalIn almost final formatDarren to email photo of 500 block sidewalk to Anne-Marie
Darren had to leave Anne-Marie, Patty, and Marjorie continued meeting and talked about possible community conversations (see item 4. of agenda)
4. Public engagementSeries of community conversationsSuggested topics: Dal Family Medicine (health of Spryfielders)
-Public Health (what does it do)
-Engage information (focused on Spryfield)
-YWCA (child) poverty
-Economic opportunities based in community
-Community Mobilization Team (Dr. Amy Siciliano, Director of Public Safety)
-Schools (connections to community)
-Protecting democracy (author Tom Urbaniak
-Active Transportation (active school transit); committee members: Bill Campbell, Monika Njoku, Obad San Hose)
-We will start by inviting Tom Urbaniak to a community talk and book signing  
5. Next meeting Wednesday, February 22, 2023  
6. Meeting adjournedApproximately 8:45 pm