New JLI High School

We’ve just written to the powers that be to ask for better Community engagement on this very exciting initiative. Don’t know about you, but in our opinion the Community engagement to date has been less than Stellar.  And that’s too bad, because by working together we can help to optimize the value of this precious provincially funded infrastructure to our community.  Stay tuned!

An Open Letter from the Spryfield Community Association April 20 2018


Posted by Spry-Beautiful

I am a come from away, finding a real home in Spryfield since 2012. I fell in love with Spryfield when I started using the wave pool with my infant son, and discovered a friendly Community unlike any other in Halifax. I am a Mother of young boys, runner, walker, bus user, biker, swimmer, park and trail lover and I can do all these happily and easily in Spryfield. I am leading community infrastructure planning because I am interested in working towards a Spry as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.