New Spryfield High School: episode II

It needs to be at least… three times bigger than this!

Please join us on Thursday January 24th at 6:30PM in the Community Meeting Room at the Captain William Spry Community Centre for a Panel Discussion on the New High School for Spryfield (replacement for J.L. Ilsley High — construction is set to begin in 2020) .

This is a follow up to our first community session held on October 24, 2018– which was very successful in rounding up the ideas of our community members young and old! If you missed that first session –not to worry! The panel discussion will concentrate on the same themes and visioning ideas to create a greater partnership between our High School and the Spryfield and Chebucto Loop Community needs.

We’d love to have you!

Lastly, if you think you’d like to participate as a panelist — please contact us ASAP –we do have some chairs left! See you there!