Minutes – February 2017 Meeting

Wednesday, February 21 – Captain William Spry Center, 15 Sussex Street

7:00pm – 9:00pm.

In Attendance

Abe Sorge, Dylan Letendre, Bobby Watson, Michael MacMillan, Bruce Holland, Stephen Adams, Crysta Cumming, Emily Eager, Anne-Marie Curtis, Dave MacCulloch, Veronica Post.


Abe Sorge




Motions, discussions and actions

3.1 Bruce Holland from the Spryfield Business Commission
Bruce HollandBruce gave the group a rundown of the history, aims and ambitions of the Spryfield Business Commission.It was nice to finally meet you, Mr. Holland.
BruceBruce is also the Vice-Chair of the Spryfield Urban Farm, and he informed us that the Farm is embarking on a major project to build an Arts and Culture center on a recently donated piece of land adjacent to the farm. It would include a museum, a space for the Mainland South Heritage Society, and hopefully a commercial kitchen.Abe moved that we be part of the umbrella group that is to participate in the Farm project. Crysta seconded. Motion passed with general acclaim.
3.2 Call for Attendance at the Mainland South Heritage Society Meeting
Abe SorgeAbe wanted to see if anyone wanted to come the the MSHS meeting on Thursday, February 22, in the interest of proposing that the SCA host some photographs or other historical material on our website.Abe moved that we ask the MSHS if they wanted some web-hosting and complimentary offhand traffic analytics from Mike. Mike seconded, motion passed with general acclaim.
3.3 Ad-Hoc Committee for the Poverty Reduction Strategy for Halifax
Dylan LetendreDylan brought this forward in hopes that we could review it with an eye to participating in the initiative. Crysta proposed an Ad-hoc Committee to look at it.The general consensus was that due to moderate turnout and the complexity of the issue that we should revisit it during the March 2017 meeting.
3.3 Location for the community benches
Emily EagerThis is taking too long, we should each think of some ideas for locations and then vote on them.Think of nice places for benches. We will vote and get it done in time for spring. Abe will add this to the email update for the week.
3.4 Reel Canada, April 19th – National Film Day
DylanDylan initiated our entry into the Reel Canada program. We are now the proud owners of the screening rights to a couple of nifty Canadian films – The Visit, directed by Lisa Jackson, and Breakaway directed by Robert Lieberman.SCA OFFICIALLY IN THE MOVIE BIZ. Haliwood look out, ‘cause Downtown Spryami also has its share of stretch limos and family-friendly fizzy drinks.
Travelling Theatre Committee to convene in order to discuss the following critical details:Venues, capacity, locations, all associated technical details, generally “how to be a mogul on less than a dollar a day.”
3.5 SCA communications on Slack
Abe SorgeAbe wants the SCA to move some of the committee stuff to the online platform Slack.General consensus was that we should send out some invites to the group and see how it goes. We should monitor for problems and revisit the idea next month, and periodically.
4.1. Outreach Committee
Chantal Lacroix could not be in attendance.
4.2 Website Development
Michael MacMillanMike says we’ve got content now, thanks to Veronica’s Sidewalk Extension work. We need more content, and some work on the calendar. Most importantly now is the time to move to Mailchimp so that our mailing updates aren’t a mess.Abe is to send minutes, agendas and other SCA dox in text-editable format to Mike for inclusion on the website. This he will certainly do.
Mike is going to work on the Mailchimp rollout.
Veronica PostWe should put some stuff about the Spryfield Film Festival up on the website.
Crysta CummingCommittee Chairs should create something for the website.
4.3 Funding Committee
CrystaThe FC should be able to help with the Outdoor Theatre placemaking project, and is likely to be a fairly large part of that effort.
Anne-Marie CurtisOftentimes employers will match employee efforts to get donations.SCA members are encouraged to check with their employers about any charitable incentive programs they might be eligible for.
4.4 Planning Committee
CrystaWe should change the name of the Master Plan Committee to the Planning and Infrastructure Committee, because Master Plan is too James-Bond-yCrysta moved to change the name to the Planning and Infrastructure Committee, Abe seconded, motion passed with general acclaim.
Anne-MarieAnne-Marie presented a detailed strategic overview of the upcoming work of the P&IC.The P&I Committee is to meet in two weeks at the Cap’t Spry. Exact date and location to be announced, likely the week of March 6 – 10. Abe will add this to the email update.
Steve AdamsCouncillor Adams updated the group with a number of local property development issues.

  • There will be a public information meeting for the upcoming Habitat for Humanity development, likely sometime in march.
  • The former Briarwood golf course is in potential development works.
  • The former Riverview School lot  is up for sale by the City, likely to be bought by a private landowner with the intention of widening the adjoining road, McIntosh Street.
With some leftover funds from the Streetscape Fund and the remainder sourced from the Capital budget,

Steve says there is a possibility that the 500 Block extension project could be completed this year.
Surveys and stakeholder interviews should hopefully be the next step.
Action item: low fives, possible fist bumps. As per long-standing SCA celebratory doctrine, please withhold mid-air high fives until the first jackhammer rings out.

4.5 Placemaking Outdoor Theatre
AbeAbe and Crysta went to the workshop the previous week with Jodi Brown. Much progress made, although they realized more people would be more effective and fun.All are welcome to attend the next Placemaking Workshop. Abe will email an invite to the group.
DylanPathways to Education is building food pantry via this same Placemaking program.
AbeThe Prospect Community Association is coincidentally also building a community movie theatre. They are a little bit skimpy on the gear though.Abe moved that we loan the Prospect Community Association our projector and other associated gear if necessary, barring scheduling conflicts that would affect SCA screenings and activities. Crysta seconded, motion passed with general acclaim.
4.6 Travelling Theatre Committee
Dave MacCullochDave is unable to meet the time commitment required to be the Travelling Theatre Committee Chair, and regretfully resigned from the position.Upon discussion, the general consensus emerged that we should keep this position open for the next month while we consider options. The committee will continue to meet, and Dave will continue to be a contributing member. Abe will email about future meeting dates.
4.7 Spryfield Film Festival
VeronicaVeronica has a raft of material incoming to the website about the SFF. She has been in communication with AFCOOP, and is considering a grant to facilitate a conversation group for Syrian refugees which would include a filmmaking component.
5. Treasurer’s Report
Deferred to the March meeting. Treasurer sends her regrets.
6. Round-table discussion
BruceThe Spryfield Business Association has a Mailchimp list, and would consider sending out  SCA events or updates should we request it. The Association also has a large event tent that they are able to rent for setup cost, about $1500.
BruceThere is a plan for a Ketch Harbour community bus possibly in the works. It would be run on an as-needed basis, and replace the cancelled HRM bus that served the area.