Jan26/22 SCA Minutes

Monthly meeting: January 26, 2022 – 7 pm
Zoom meeting (online)

Present: Board members – Anne-Marie Curtis, Emily Eager, Claire Michalewicz, Darren Peters, Abe Sorge, Marney Steeves, Marjorie Willison
Others – Brendan Maguire, Jason Tulk, Kelly O’Neil, Deborah Buck, Joan Fougere
Minutes were taken by – Claire Michalewicz

1. Approval of agenda Approved unanimously
2. Approval of Minutes from November 24, 2021   Approved unanimously with 2 edits:   -Crysta wasn’t involved in the meeting about Kidston Lake
-add in-camera decisions
3. Business arising from the minutes  3.1 Recruiting new members and directors           3.2 Herring Cove Road functional plan             3.3 Missing Spryfield sign on Old Sambro Road   3.4 Possible project with Dal planning students – Emily has contacted them but hasn’t heard back   3.5 Financial report and Zoom purchase   3.6 In-camera sessionEmily and Claire to work on a strategy for inclusion   Abe and Claire to work on recruitment document – focus on youth   Jason to connect with Spryfield Business Commission about the functional plan – our priority is safety, our position is that the temporary solution for Herring Cove Road should happen as soon as possible   Darren to file a police report about sign   Emily to check with Patty Cuttell to see if she has connections with planners     Claire to purchase full-year Zoom subscription   Anne-Marie to draft code of conduct for directors.   We need to review our bylaws around members and directors.
4. New business4.1 Community Garden proposal for Lynnett Road park – Deborah, Kelly and Joan outline plans for a community garden, submitting an application to the HRM garden program   4.2 New secretary       4.3 Focus for 2022
(possible ideas – pedestrian bridge, zoning changes)   4.4 Other new business
Marjorie to draft a letter of support for the project.           Claire planning to step down at AGM in April – will need a new secretary then  
5. Adjournment Next meeting: February 23