Feb 23/22 Minutes

Monthly meeting: Feb 23, 2022 – 7pm
Zoom meeting (online)

Present: Board members – Anne-Marie Curtis, Emily Eager, Darren Peters, Marney Steeves, Marjorie Willison, Crysta Cumming
Others – Brendan Maguire, Peter Polley
Minutes taken by – Marney Steeves

1. Approval of agenda Approved unanimously
2.  Approval of minutes Approved as shared
3. Business arising from the minutes  3.1 Recruiting new members and directors & Inclusion Strategy             3.2 Herring Cove Road functional plan – Jason to connect with Spryfield Business Commission   3.3 Missing Spryfield sign on Old Sambro Road           3.4 Possible project with Dal planning students – Emily has contacted them but hasn’t heard back   3.5 Financial report and Zoom purchase                   3.6 Letter of support for Forbes Lynette Community Garden   3.7 Social media and email approvals and admin for Google accounts       3.7 Code of Conduct                               3.8 In-Camera SessionEmily presented the Inclusion Strategy vision statement along with 4 key goals.   Intentionally add this to the agenda at future meetings to keep top of mind.     Jason was not in attendance.  Move to the next meeting.       Darren has a police report about the sign.   Also followed up with New Century Signs to see if they created the sign originally.  Patty Cuttell said she may be able to help fund a new sign.   No update.  Move to the next meeting.       Discussion about recent expenses and how we might be able to bring in some revenue.  Will discuss fundraising on next month’s agenda.  Maybe do some recruitment/awareness and fundraising in May when we celebrate the 500 Block sidewalks or coordinate with Spryfield Days or International Dance Day on April 29th. The group is no longer able to support so will not go forward.   Emily to review and report back.  Darren to follow up with Michael to get admin rights to our Google account and website updates (and costs).   Anne-Marie drafted and circulated a code of conduct for feedback.  Group discussion on feedback.    Motion to adopt the Code of Conduct for Board and bring a final version to next meeting.    Marjorie motion, Emily 2nd.  All in favour.  Motion passed.   Crysta to finalize and clean up this version and review references to the code of conduct.   Per the email on Feb 21st, 2022 from Jodi Brown, the Board accepts Jodi’s email request to no longer continue as a Director of the Board. Motion to accept Jodi Brown’s resignation as Director of the Board – Emily motion, Anne-Marie 2nd.  All in favour.  Motion passed.
4.  New Business4.1  AGM a) Replacement of secretary and chair needed                  Discussion:  Marjorie volunteered to be the secretary.  Anne Marie volunteered to be Chair.    Crysta to create Nomination Form in advance of AGM.   Marjorie to review examples of how to create a Membership confirmation list.   April 27th will be the date of the AGM.
5. Adjournment Next meeting: March 30, 2022