Board of Directors Agenda February 23, 2022

1.  Approval of Agenda

2.  Approval of Minutes of January 26, 2022 board meeting

3.  Business arising from the minutes

  •  Recruitment of new members and board directors
         Emily and Claire to work on inclusion strategy
         Abe and Claire to finish up draft document re: what SCA is

3.2  Herring Cove Road functional plan
                    Jason to connect to Spryfield Business Commission and explain our

3.3  Missing Spryfield sign Old Sambro Road
          Darren to report to Halifax Police

3.4  Possibility of a project with Dalhousie planning students

          Emily to contact Patty Cuttell to help connect us to planners

3.5  Claire to purchase 1 year of Zoom

3.6  Letter of support for Forbes Lynette Community Garden  

          3.7  Code of conduct – Anne-Marie and Crysta

          3.8  In-camera

4.    New business

          4.1  AGM
                     a) replacement of secretary and chair

                    b) review of bylaws

          4.2  Focus for 2022

          4.3  Any other business

5.  Next meeting and agenda items