Agenda March 30/22

Spryfield Community Association Board of Directors Agenda March 30, 2022

  1. Welcome to visitors, Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of minutes of February 23, 2022 board meeting
  3. Business Arising from the minutes
    3.1 Recruitment of new members and board directors Update by Emily and Claire
    Abe and Claire to finish updraft document re: what SCA is
    3.2 Herring Cove Road functional plan Jason connect to Spryfield Business Commission, explain our position
    3.3 Missing Spryfield sign Old Sambro Road – Update by Darren
    3.4 Possibility of the project with Dalhousie planning students – how to connect to planners
    3.5 Fundraising Strategies
    3.6 Finalize Code of Conduct
    3.8 In-camera if needed
  4. New business
    4.1 AGM a) review of bylaws b) date and program c) nomination form, Crysta d) membership form, Marjorie
    4.2 Focus for 2022
    4.3 Community Food Pantry on Drysdale
    4.4 Any other business
  5. Next meeting and agenda items