Meeting Minutes March 30/22

Monthly meeting: March 30, 2022 – 7 pm
Online (Zoom)

Present: Anne-Marie Curtis, Claire Michalewicz, Darren Peters, Marney Steeves, Marjorie Willison
Others: Patty Cuttell

Minutes taken by: Claire Michalewicz

1. Approval of agenda Approved unanimously
2. Approval of minutes from February 23 Approved unanimously
3. Business arising from the February 23 minutesDiversity and recruitmentEmily and Claire to look at goals/pillars for diversity   Claire and Abe to come up with a one-sentence description of SCA  
4. New business1. Patty Cuttell – District 9 update   -Beautification committee for Spryfield – pursue projects throughout the community – 3-year plan of projects     -Bus rapid transit – HCR identified for bus rapid transit – build active transportation routes – secondary plan – update to Herring Cove functional plan   -Additional housing approved in Spryfield       -500 block sidewalk party (postponed due to pandemic)     2. Herring Cove Road Functional Plan – 90% design – rotary to Glenora – moving into implementation   3. Spryfield sign on Old Sambro Road         4. Make connection with Vida Living – bought affordable units in Spryfield     
Motion to establish beautification committee: Marjorie, seconded by Darren (members: Marjorie, Marney, Darren)   Marjorie and Jason to look into secondary plan           Share concerns about approved housing developments in Kidston Lake area – trying to protect that lake   Work with Brendan Maguire on the party               $200 for a permit to put up a sign – sign has been approved – submit a request for discretionary funds to city (Anne-Marie moved, Claire seconded)    
5. AdjournmentNext meeting: April 27 (AGM)