SCA minutes Oct 30/19

Minutes – monthly meeting
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 – Captain William Spry Centre, 16 Sussex St.
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Steve Adams, Crysta Cumming, Anne-Marie Curtis, Emily Eager, Claire Michalewicz, Darren Peters, Jarrett Sampson, Marjorie Willison

Minutes taken by: Claire Michalewicz


Speaker Summary Motions, discussions and actions
1 Welcome and attendance
Marjorie Willison      
2 Review of the minutes
    Sept. 25 minutes approved, with friendly amendment to add last names for new members
3 Standing agenda items
Need for a secretary (Marjorie) Claire was considering taking on the role Claire has officially agreed to be the secretary
Herring Cove Road sidewalk improvement
(Steve Adams)
Progress is continuing along 500 block: storm sewers, crosswalk upgrades (with flashing lights), 700m of sidewalks – this is a 7-month project  
Old Sambro Road crosswalk (Darren Peters) Estimated completion date is June 15, 2020.
Comment from Steve – project should have started in April or May, but contract was just awarded Oct. 4.  
New high school
(Anne-Marie Curtis)
Anne-Marie has been researching the area’s population: estimate of 900 students works with a small growth rate, but growth could be as high as 25%. Many schools in the area are struggling with population growth. The estimated number of students dictates the number of students and level of programming available.
Comment from Steve: new housing developments are planned for the area, and that 900 estimate won’t be enough.   SCA had asked to be on steering committee but was refused. We would still like to be a voice at the table.   Veronica has met with someone about SCA trying to get involved with the steering committee.
Anne-Marie to email Steve – he’ll get official approved population numbers from HRM.    
Northwest Arm Bridge
(Anne-Marie Curtis)
Engineering students have proposed a pedestrian bridge   Anne-Marie will schedule infrastructure committee for Nov. 20 to discuss bridge and create some materials the SCA can use going forward.
4 New items/reports
Herring Cove Road streetscape Anne-Marie has asked for a meeting with HRM to make sure we’re moving toward streetscape plans and building a framework to move the project along in increments. Bringing item to infrastructure committee meeting Nov. 20
Treasurer’s report Marney couldn’t attend but sent spreadsheet showing approximately $2300 in the account.   Film series cost a total of $2450 total on the movies, no outstanding bills – got 12 cheques.   Discussion: we talked about giving the photographer an honorarium at the last meeting but are unsure if she has been paid yet.   Motion proposed by Crysta to pay the photographer $150; seconded by Emily; passed unanimously. Marjorie to ask Marney if photographer has been paid yet.
Insurance Veronica was looking into the cost of liability insurance for movie nights and use of rooms for meetings.   Crysta suggested getting an insurance quote.   Discussion: is there a difference between event at HRM facility vs. events at the farm?     Emily to call Ken at HRM to look into insurance for community groups for facility rentals – is there an agreement to waive it?   Darren to look into insurance rates.    
Business cards   Emily found some sources for business cards. She’ll also look into the cost of magnets.
City plan for Spryfield Previous discussion about bringing a planner to a meeting – talk about creating a city plan for this area.   Discussion: importance of having a plan for the area that designates different areas for different uses and different-sized buildings. Land-use bylaws dictate building height, but planners can apply to do something different, triggering a public consultation process so the result is democratically agreed upon.   Marjorie to email Steve to ask about inviting an HRM planner to a meeting to talk about the planning strategy.
Speakers for film festival
(Jarrett Sampson)
Jarrett looked at different speakers (2000 vs 1200 watts) – the lower wattage one is actually more expensive. 2000 watts would also work better for a larger crowd. Purchase price is around $2700. We may still qualify for rent to own.   Steve said district funding may be available.   Crysta made a motion for Jarrett to look into getting HRM funding; Anne-Marie seconded; passed unanimously. Jarrett to email Steve Adams to request a capital request form.    
Roundtable Steve said Governor’s Brook is getting a playground, construction starting next week. Playground will included a plaque for the Barho family. Another plaque is going in at Kidston Lake in memory of the boy who drowned this summer.   Steve said HRM is looking at putting a traffic light at the corner of Herring Cove Road and Drysdale Road.