SCA Minutes Nov 27/19

Spryfield Community Association 

Minutes – monthly meeting  
Wednesday, November 27, 2019 – Captain William Spry Community Centre 
7:00pm to 9:00pm 


Attendance: Steve Adams, Emily Eager, Marney Steeves, Darren Peters, Crysta Cumming, Claire Michalewicz, Marney Steeves, Marjorie Wilison 

Minutes taken by: Claire Michalewicz 



Subject + Speaker Discussion Motions and actions 
1. Welcome and attendance 
Marjorie Willison    
2. Review of minutes 
  Approved as circulated 
3. Standing agenda items 
Fun committee update 
(Emily Eager) 
Planning next year’s film festival – 10 movies might be too many, looking at 6.   Different themes: moon theme for 3 of them, others will be on different themes. Will reach out to Cory Bowles about showing Black Cop.  Speakers – considering continuing to rent for another season, buy after that?  Brendan – can store the speakers in his office.  Need to see what kind of speakers will run off the battery. Keeping Steve’s offer for municipal funding on our agenda.  
Infrastructure Committee update 
(Marjorie Willison) 
Want a sidewalk party for when the Herring Cove Road sidewalk project is finished – est. Aug. 2020.  Need to monitor ongoing infrastructure projects – sidewalks, new high school.  Planifax video “Spry Proud” coming out in January.  Discussion of Long Lake Village tower height – Steve can get report about the project.        Add housing to list of infrastructure committee standing agenda items. Emily to add sidewalk party to fun committee agenda.      Emily to contact Steve for plans and reports about the Long Lake Village project and about separate secondary structures in backyards – city has approved? 
Marjorie to add housing to committee agenda. 
New high school update  
(Brendan Maguire) 
Breaking ground any day/week – basic design has been finalized but it still needs to go to public consultation. Still aiming for Sept. 2021 opening.   Larger space in school for mental health, whole wing for inclusion and mental health – brighter, wide open spaces. More space for inclusive education – space for kids to go and breathe if they want space.   Cafetorium / performing arts space. Full O2/shop. IT, programming space. Pathways has their own space.  Outdoors – looking at funding for full football/soccer field.   Capacity to teach is 1100-1200. New facility is smaller than current school facility, which is largely empty. Being built in preparation for adding Grade 9s, which may not happen.  Still a lot of input needs to happen – public consultation coming up.      
(Darren Peters) 
Got insurance quotes for directors/officers and liability. Liability $— a year quote.  Emily – Liability insurance is more important than director’s insurance. Consider buying “Enter at your own risk” signs. Motion: to purchase liability insurance from the Co-operators, Emily seconded with an addendum to put $— deductible in a trust account. Unanimous.   Marjorie will contact The Co-operators to set it up and sign for it.  
Northwest Arm Pedestrian Bridge Further discussion of a bridge proposal – Steve raised concern that it’s not allowed by law because of view planes.  Brendan – federal regulations may also make bridge difficult. Emily to contact Steve about sightlines. 
4. New items  
Dolly Parton program (Brendan Maguire) Program for childhood literacy – kids aged 0-4 – provides free books monthly for children. Now available in Spryfield – families can contact Chebucto Connections and sign up to receive books.  
Trees planting (Brendan Maguire) Federal program – 21,497 people in this community (approximately) – will get a grant to plant a tree for every person in Spryfield. Finding spots to plant the trees.    
Leiblin Park field upgrades (Steve Adams) Clubhouse opening – showers, change rooms, etc. Conjunction with provincial and federal governments.   
Construction project on Parkmoor Avenue (Steve Adams) Public consultation coming on Dec. 2 – proponent wants to put in 300 units as of right, wants to add separate exit onto Herring Cove Road.  
Spryfield planning strategy (Marjorie Willison) Wondering what the status of the plan is.  Steve to follow up with city on when Spryfield can expect a planning strategy. 
5. Roundtable 
Holiday party  Reminder: party Wednesday, Dec. 11 at Station Six. 
Next meeting No December meeting because the last Wednesday of the month is a holiday. Next meeting set for January 29.