Spryfield Community Association meeting, November 29th!

7:00pm, 16 Sussex Street. Check the screen above the reception desk for the specific room. If you’re reading this because you saw us at the Santa Claus parade on Sunday, your satisfaction with this fun and snappy community get-together is basically 110% guaranteed.*

We try to keep our meetings ticking along at a good pace, with only limited conversational diversions from our Venturesome Members. On the agenda:

  • Meet n’ Greet! Quick recap of past SCA projects and resplendent future efforts, should it be required.
  • Quick procedural special vote to change our fiscal year-end, what with the bookkeeping and all.
  • United Way is going to be there. We’ll see what they’re up to in the neighbourhood.
  • Skating at Long Lake. I have no clue why we’re talking about this but it’s obviously a great idea.
  • Christmas Parade debrief. Was it too weird? Probably, though the kids liked it.
  • School site selection.
  • Farm Movie report. Spoiler: it was cold.
  • Plans for the December hiatus.

And probably about thirteen other things. Let me know if you want to get something on the agenda! But if you just want to keep it casual we often have time for a casual roundtable kind of chat afterwards too.

Your secretary,



*Who am I kidding, nothing in life is 110% guaranteed, though it is certainly true that 90% of success is just showing up, so maybe I’ll leave you with that thought instead.