SCA Minutes Jan 29/20

Spryfield Community Association

Minutes – monthly meeting
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 – Captain William Spry Community Centre
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Attendance: Anne-Marie Curtis, Darren Peters, Mike MacMillan, Claire Michalewicz, Marney Steeves, Marjorie Willison

Minutes taken by: Claire Michalewicz


Subject + Speaker Discussion Motions and actions
1. Welcome and attendance
Marjorie Willison      
2. Review of minutes from November 27, 2019
    Approved as circulated
3. Standing agenda items
Fun committee update
(Marjorie Willison – no committee members in attendance tonight)
Need to sign agreement with Urban Farm for movie series. Abe and Crysta drew up the agreement with the help of a lawyer.   We have insurance coverage now. Do we still need “Enter at own risk” signs, or should we have some sort of ticketing system where people agree to a waiver. Will discuss at February meeting. Motion by Darren, seconded by Anne-Marie. Unanimous.    
Communications update
(Mike MacMillan)
Need to figure out who’s running our social media channels.       Domain name has been renewed.     Idea to leverage our community connections for a Spryfield content hub, like an online magazine where people can share information about what’s happening in the community.   Darren to help with Facebook. Anne-Marie to run Twitter account.   Mike to send invoice to Marney.   Will discuss more at future meeting.      
Infrastructure Committee
(Marjorie Willison)
Sidewalk party for 500 block sidewalk completion this summer.         Walkability assessment – study was conducted for East Preston: Rural Access to Physical Activity. Spryfield isn’t rural but we could look at adopting a similar approach.   Secondary suites being considered by HRM.     Northwest Arm pedestrian bridge – Local resident Doug Kane came to the meeting to express interest in the bridge and also propose an alternative shorter bridge – Regatta point to Horseshoe Island Park. Another alternate (suggested by Anne-Marie) could be a cable ferry.         When is Spryfield getting a detailed planning strategy?         Transfer from Infrastructure Committee to Fun Committee for planning.   Marjorie to send East Preston notes around for review.       Claire to track news updates on the issue.   Position paper to be posted to our site soon with more information for residents – need to get a group of interested people together to advocate for the project.   Adding item to Infrastructure Committee agenda.
Treasurer’s report
(Marney Steeves)
HRM returned $50 that was overcharged – must be spent on theatre.   Insurance – can apply for municipal funding to cover the cost.     TD Parks People Grant – can’t reapply with the same project idea again.   $150 came back into our account – was it the honorarium for photographer Jodi Brown?     Review of financial report for 2019 calendar year. Marjorie to give cheque to Marney.   Marjorie will contact Steve Adams to apply.           Marney to check with Jodi to see if she received payment.   Motion to accept financial report by Marney, Mike seconded. Unanimous.   Will need to create another financial report for our fiscal year (April to March) to submit to RJSC.  
4. New items
Annual General Meeting (Marjorie Willison)   Marjorie to schedule for April.
Inclusion tool (Marjorie Willison) Reviewing inclusion tool used by City of Calgary – should we adopt a model like this? Adding to agenda for February meeting.  
Herring Cove Streetscape (Anne-Marie Curtis) Asking Harrison McGraw from the HRM planning department to come to a meeting to talk about the Herring Cove Streetscape project.   Need parking model and a different mentality for the area, so people are willing to park a little further from their destination and walk. Anne-Marie to follow up with Harrison.
McIntosh Run trail (Anne-Marie Curtis) Proposed project to put a walking trail that connects Long Lake to McIntosh Run (behind No Frills/Canadian Tire.) The river is the heart of the community but people don’t really know it’s there. Adding this to list of projects we’re voting on to prioritize.
Housing strategy (Marjorie Willison) Want to start a conversation about housing in the area and what people’s needs are.   Anne-Marie suggested panel discussion to get people talking about housing. Could feed into the Spryfield planning strategy. Adding this to list of projects we’re voting on to prioritize.
Vote on projects to focus our efforts on (Anne-Marie Curtis) Vote results:   Urgent/short term Herring Cove Streetscape   Less urgent/medium term transit priority routetraffic calming, etc.   Be ready/opportunistic/strategic/long term McIntosh Run extension to Long LakeNorthwest Arm pedestrian bridgeSpryfield regional plan   Ongoing MoviesNew high school500 block sidewalks   As able/someday reactive/ad hoc projectswayfinding and history information boardshousing first and related initiatives    
5. Roundtable
Next meeting   Next meeting set for February 26.