Outdoor Theatre under construction!

Herro SCAliens!
Notes from the (spry) field today are that several venturesome and talented members of our community spent a pleasant and productive day hand-cutting the timber frame joinery for our outdoor movie theater, thereby calling forth the day of completion to the horizons of our perception.
Shaded from the harsh rays of the sun in a pleasant valley glen, the noise of saws and pounding of mallets echoed throughout the forest and parking lots of the area, drawing many a curious neighbor and cat. After heralding our day a complete success, we partook in a communal feast of nourishing meat broth and herbal tea. Our only regret is that the Sauna is currently out of order at the wave pool, for that would surely have been a fitting and healthy end to the day, Alas one cannot expect perfection!
Huzzahs all around!!