Minutes Oct. 27/21

1. Approval of agenda   Approved unanimously
2. Approval of Minutes of September 29, 2021   Approved unanimously
3. Financial report    
4. Business arising from the minutes  How to get more people involved and recruit a more diverse membership              Happy City application     Protecting Kidston Lake      

SCA values statement – looking at what we wrote down in exercise at last meeting     Missing signage     Connecting path to Macintosh Run     Status of Herring Cove Road Functional Plan
-Claire to research strategies for board diversity -Abe and Claire to put together a recap of what we’ve done in the past couple of years
-Plan to attend Spryfield tree lighting or another event to promote ourselves   -Wrote a letter of support, haven’t heard back   -Met with city planning staff, gave us regulations that apply to the lake
-Marjorie wrote an article for Chebucto news, which should be out soon   -Marjorie to put them together in a statement that reflects what our values are       -Darren to check again with Patty Cuttell about signage   -Abe investigated it, Bridget Ave is privately owned, and the trail would be complicated   – Anne-Marie – the plan passed unanimously, keep track of it, make sure it’s on track, meet with Spryfield Business Commission to get their opinion on the project    
New businessEmily Lawlor – former board member – would like to rejoin

Hybrid meetings – could we provide an online option as well as in-person attendance? Could we get funding for equipment?    
Motion to reinstate Emily on board – passed unanimously

Motion to submit a request for discretionary funds for equipment to Patty Cuttell – passed unanimously    
Adjournment Next meeting: Wednesday, November 24