S.C.A. Minutes Feb26/20

Spryfield Community Association

Minutes – monthly meeting
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 – Captain William Spry Community Centre
7:00pm to 9:00pm

Attendance: Crysta Cumming, Anne-Marie Curtis, Emily Eager, Stella Lord, Allan Marryatt, Claire Michalewicz, Darren Peters, Jarrett Sampson, Marjorie Willison

Minutes taken by: Claire Michalewicz


Subject + Speaker Discussion Motions and actions
1. Welcome and attendance
Marjorie Willison      
2. Review of minutes from January 29, 2020
    Approved with one correction – $50 overcharge was cash, not cheque.
3. Standing agenda items
Fun committee update
(Emily Eager)
Need to figure out timing for 500-block sidewalk party.     Film nights – different languages (reach out to communities), food (connection to Chebucto Connections, food security.   Need to talk to Steve Adams about funding for film festival.   Need to sign agreement with urban farm.   Veronica: want to pick movies more democratically. Not going with themes, but with ideas that speak to people in the community, like immigrants or pride themes.     To discuss at next Fun Committee meeting.                     Jarrett to write up framework for picking movies and send out for input.   Entire team to think about what kinds of movies they’d like to show.
Infrastructure committee (Anne-Marie Curtis) Anne-Marie – invite Harrison McGraw from HRM to the March meeting to talk about a planning strategy for Spryfield?     Proposed rapid transit routes – survey and pop-up events to give HRM feedback.       Northwest Arm Bridge – Crysta says there are no HRM rules regarding sightlines. Anne-Marie: let’s get proposal documents online, see if we can generate interest.   What happened to Habitat for Humanity on Drysdale Road? Crysta – delayed by clause, 5 years behind but still an active file with HRM.       Anne-Marie to contact Harrison to confirm for March meeting   Everyone to complete survey/attend pop-up if they can.
4. New items
Election event (Stella Lord) Interest in having an event about running for council for people who might be interested in running for Steve Adams’ seat. Stella talked to Kelly Keating at Chebucto Connections about having an event about council to get people interested, also the city has someone who goes out to communities to talk about elections. Should especially focus on women who are interested in running.         Set up team to organize event for March – Veronica, Darren, Crysta, Claire.
Annual General Meeting (Marjorie Willison) Meeting scheduled for April 29 – idea of bringing council candidates to the meeting to explain their plans for Spryfield, could use it to publicize meeting and get the public interested.     Get group together to organize panel discussion.   Jarrett to collect photos for slideshow.
Outstanding bill (Emily Eager) Received bill from Royal Flush for $126.50 for last movie night. Motion to have Marney pay bill – all in favour.