Minutes – August 2017 Meeting

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 – Captain William Spry Center, 15 Sussex Street

7:00pm – 9:00pm


In Attendance


Crysta Cumming, Abe Sorge, Veronica Post, Emily Eager, Marjorie Willison, Melissa B. Guilbert, Karen Saulnier, Dave MacCulloch


Secretary:  Abe Sorge




Motions, discussions and actions

  1. Call for President                 
Crysta CummingCrysta regrets to inform us that due to her new job as Development Engineer for the Halifax Regional Municipality, she will need to step down as President of the SCA to avoid the perception of conflict of interest.We miss her immediately. Crysta agreed to facilitate this meeting, and the group agreed to finding a President at our September meeting.


2. Review of the minutes
Abe SorgeNo minutes for July, because the meeting was cancelled. No minutes for June because Abe was sick and hadn’t had the chance to review the notes of those who were actually there.Abe will review and write the minutes for the missing meetings.
3.1. Theatre Project
CrystaBronwyn MacKinnon informs us that the City requires that we hold our own insurance when we are using our as-yet unbuilt outdoor theatre.Crysta will get insurance for the SCA to cover our events we host on the Urban Farm.
3.13 Build dates
Veronica PostLet’s play it by ear.Ok, we will!
3.2 Film Festival
AbeLet’s spend $875 on speakers for our portable movie rig, as HRM has agreed to contribute to our battery pack and thus we have surplus budget from our original travelling theatre grant.Abe moved, Veronica seconded, passed with general acclaim.
AbeAbe and Veronica prototyped a chair designed specifically for watching movies in the field at the farm.A few people sat in the chair, and so the chairs life purpose was fulfilled. A warm glow of satisfaction emanated from the chair, though maybe that was just the richness and lustre of the grain of the wood.
MelissaMaybe we could get individual sponsors for the chairs. Possibly built by J.L. Ilsley students in their woodshop, and possibly by the Veith House Future Roots program.General discussion about the best way to move from prototype to production. General consensus was to move it to committee.
VeronicaVeronica nominated herself to be Chair of the newly-formed Chair Committee.Veronica is Chair of the Chair Committee. Melissa and Abe are back-benchers on the Chair Committee.
3.3 Infrastructure
Anne-Marie Curtis sends her regrets.
Marjorie WillisonMarjorie suggested that she meet with Councillor Steve Adams about integrating a purposeful mix of old and new buildings into future urban planning efforts, as mixed landscapes create a more robust community.The group agreed.
4. New Business
4.1 Emergency Preparedness
Karen SaulnierKaren volunteers with the Joint Emergency Management System, and is spearheading a Chebucto South area emergency volunteer task force. The area is to be the Bay Road up to the Northwest Arm Drive, into Spryfield and throughout the Chebucto Loop. She broke down the chain-of-emergency and the various levels of official command, and explained what would happen during sequentially more serious disaster events.Karen passed around a sign-up sheet. Volunteers are expected to attend an orientation session and tri-monthly training. They will be contacted during an emergency to staff comfort centers.
4.2 Community Gardens on the Herring Cove Road
Dylan Letendre sends his regrets.
5 Financials
Chantal Lacroix sends her regrets.
6. Round Table
MelissaFarmer’s Market is winding down, come to it. Also the SCA could use the community table at the Market to advertise our Film Festival.Contact Mel to use the table.