Minutes – April 2017 Meeting

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 – Captain William Spry Center, 15 Sussex Street

7:00pm – 9:00pm

In Attendance

Crysta Cumming, Abe Sorge, Veronica Post, Emily Eager, Marjorie Willison, Michael Macmillian, Jodi Brown, Chantal Lacroix, Tristan Cleveland

Secretary:  Abe Sorge




Motions, discussions and actions

2. Review of the Minutes
Abe SorgeMinutes of the March meeting were basically done but need to be proofread. Also, Abe didn’t have time to email them to the group or print them for the meeting.Review of the minutes will be delayed until the following meeting.
3. General Business
3.1. Speed Sisters showing
Crysta CummingCrysta recounted the exciting events of our first public movies screening. It went well, in spite of the minor technical missteps.We had a good time with the audience. Nik from the Boys and Girls Club was a super helpful guy, and generally speaking runs a tight ship.
3.2 Community Directory
Marjorie WillisonVia Marjorie, we have a directory of people and organizations now. It’s a bit out of date, being from 2013 but can easily be updated. Perhaps Chebucto Connections would take that on.The general consensus was that the directory is a low-priority project and should be revisited at a later meeting.
3.3 Our HRM Alliance
Tristan ClevelandTristan outlined the focus points of Our HRM Alliance, namely green belting and complete communities. The group is coordinated by the Ecology Action Center, and holds a twice-yearly all-hands meeting.Abe moved that the SCA join Our HRM Alliance. Veronica Post seconded, motion passed with general acclaim.
TristanSpryfield is in need of a new plan, along the lines of the Center Plan, as are a number of other suburban population centers in HRM. The City has indicated a willingness to work on single plan for these areas in the interest of time.General discussion among the membership tended to agree, we do need an updated development plan in our area.
TristanGo on shapeyourcity.ca and drop some pins on the transit corridors.Abe will send out a reminded to the group to express their preference for creating a transit-oriented community on the shapeyourcity.ca. This will hopefully be worked into the Integrated Mobility Plan.
3.3 Connect2 Funding
CrystaWe can get funding from the Connect2 initiative to develop active transport infrastructure to increase connectivity in the neighbourhood.
Jodi BrownJodi thought that maybe we would be stretching ourselves a bit thin on this one, and that the deadlines were tight.The general drift of the conversation was that it was an interesting idea, but possibly a bit too much to to take on at the moment.
3.3 Motion to amalgamate committees (FF+TT+PM)
CrystaThe Film Festival, Travelling Theatre and Placemaking committees should all be consolidated into one aggressively monolithic hyper-committee.The name of the new committee is the Fun Committee.
JodiThe Fun Committee should meet before the next monthly SCA meeting.Tentative date set for Monday, May 1st.
3.5 Urban Farm Community Facility
AbeBruce Holland invited the SCA to participate in a workshop to help develop some concepts for the new Urban Farm land donation.We will attend the workshop on May 27th. Abe will contact Bruce and send out an email to remind the group.
4. Committee Reports
4.1 Outreach Committee
JodiWe should stream our meetings on Facebook Live.General consensus was that it would be a good way to increase our ability to reach people, and that it was worth trying. We will stream our next meeting.
4.2 Website Development
Michael MacmillanMike expressed excitement about the theatre projects, and said that he wanted to build a “Now Showing!” carousel on myspryfield.org which could showcase movies.Abe again, for the sixth month in a row, pledged that he would get the minutes, agendas, bylaws and various other tokens of official sanction together for the website. Will he? Tune in next month for the next gripping installment of “Trying to Get it Together.”
4.3 Funding Committee
4.4 Film Festival Committee
4.5 Travelling Theatre Committee
4.6 Placemaking Committee
CrystaCrysta decided to precipitate the Fun Committee singularity immediately by amalgamating sundry reports into a free-form Committee discussion.
Veronica PostVeronica informed the group that her Refugee Support Grant had been approved, and that it would make $700 available for promotion, food, and translation for the Film Festival.
VeronicaShe also reported that the Canada 150 Grant application deadline had been pushed, and that we still had time to pursue it. We spent some time figuring out the complexities of Canada 150’s matched-funds criteria, and decided that it was a good idea.Veronica needs the SCA Registry Number, and some clarity from the Spryfield Urban Farm as to the value of their in-kind donations. The group at large agreed to assist her in meeting the deadline, which is April 30th.