May 27/20 Minutes

Attendance: Michael MacMillan, Darren Peters, Veronica Post, Anne-Marie Curtis, Emily Eager, Darren Peters, Marjorie Willison, Sue Huelin, Lisa Mullin, Pete Rose, Ambroise Matwanan, Abe Sorge, Carrie Ellis, Marney Steeves

Minutes taken by: Marney Steeves 1. Welcome and attendance

Marjorie Willison    
2. Review of minutes from April , 2020
3. Standing agenda items
Fun committee update
(Veronica Post)
Movie update – option to mark out space at the farm.  Will limit attendance   Option 2 – drive in movie option in library parking lot   Theme for the year – “Food” Working with food action network who wanted to partner with us.   What about opportunity for live streaming movie night as well?      Sidewalk party – want to celebrate when sidewalk is finalized in 500 block of Herring Cove Rd however not sure how to do it with social distancing.  May be delayed in finalizing as well.  Maybe into late August or September.      May want to include food trucks from Spryfield market.
Veronica to investigate opportunities with the library

Marketing (Mike McMillan)

                      Infrastructure Committee (Anne-Marie)              
Had great feedback on last meeting with election candidates.  May want to do another session in the fall.   Added to our YouTube and Facebook Live posts.   Lessons for next time– only have candidates on zoom.  Have everyone else on FB.   Opportunity to leverage success and community spirit.

          Opportunity to push northwest arm bridge with new environment due to Covid?  Do we want to have a community session?  Include Herring Cove transit corridor for a broader meeting?      
JL School plans – would like to review with someone who can explain in detail or provide an overview of the plans.  Have a meeting with the project manager on this project for an update. 
      Community discussion on housing – should postpone until we are able to have in person     Update on priority list           Healthy places document – Marjory circulated to team.  Resource for our team to use going forward.  Could we use a central file/Google files to keep documents together for reference. 

  Leave to Fall to take in more detail

Darren to follow up with Brendan to set up time to meet with our team.  

Wait to have community meeting once we can gather in person.
Anne-Marie to circulate update and who signed up for what     Michael looking into technology opportunities to manage communication tools (ie. TechSoup) Abe, Martin, Veronica and Darren to support
Declaration of Resilience (Ann Marie)         Treasurer’s reportInterest in moving this forward and further discussion.         Financial report from AGM needs to be signed and submitted         Marney to sign Financial report and provide to Marjorie to submit      
Candidate meetingCandidates meeting – Suggestion to do more in the future.   Remaining questions could be used for future sessions or send to candidates who could record and post responses.     Marney and Veronica to select one top question and send to candidates to record a 1 min response and Michael will post to our FB group.
Inclusion Tool (Marjorie)Inclusion tool – framework to think about how we use for our association and how it is used in the broader community.  Marjorie and Veronica to work together
Chebucto Connections food network (Veronica)Chebucto Connections is creating an online survey so community members can fill out relating to access to food.  Can we add to our social media to help for communication?    Bi-weekly food bank is also a good outreach opportunity if we ever have materials would like to circulate. 
Spryfield farmers market (Carrie)Planning an online “market social” on zoom with breakout rooms for people to talk to vendors and listen to music. Request to share on our social media platforms
Next meeting Wed June 24thSuggest we have a meeting outside so we can get together while social distancing.  Will wait and see what regulations are for end of June.   Motion for adjournment