Making the Suburbs Cool Again.


Another informative, invigorating video from Planifax. Part of me is genuinely surprised that you can get sponsored to make videos about local urban planning issues. Like, will they give me money to make videos about my obsession with rare orchids? How about some bux to read excerpts of out-of-print R.L. Fanthorpe novels? Funds to continue my strange phone collection? Tapdance lessons? Space yoga?

All this time I thought it was just for the love. Makes me happy that urban planning enthusiasts can get some payola to do their thing.

Anyway, if you’re reading this you probably know the answer to this week’s Spryfield Quiz Question (SQUIZ): what neighbourhood does this Village on Main Street remind you of, and why is it Spryfield?

If you want to check out the Village on Main Street’s development plan; it’s full of interesting and broadly-applicable stuff.