Jan. 27/21 Minutes

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 – 7 pm
Online (Zoom meeting)

Board members: Anne-Marie Curtis, Emily Eager, Mike MacMillan, Claire Michalewicz, Darren Peters, Jarrett Sampson, Abe Sorge, Marney Steeves, Marjorie Willison
Others: Pete Rose, Brendan Maguire
Minutes taken by: Claire Michalewicz

1. Introductions  
3. Approval of agenda  
2. Approval of minutesMinutes from November 25, 2020Approved as circulated
3. Treasurer’s report –
Marney Steeves
Renew domain name (myspryfield.org) for 5 years for $100   Insurance with The Co-operators – renew insurance for another yearMike to renew domain registration (Marney motion, Darren second)
Marney to renew insurance (Marjorie motion, Emily second) – Darren to pass information to Marney so Marney can pay the invoice
4. President’s report – Marjorie WillisonSent letter to HRM about how housing funding should be spent – will receive invitation to comment on HRM’s application to fund   Williams Lake dam letter – will hold off because we just sent housing fund letter   Host community discussion on housing – can’t do that right now because of pandemic – consider hosting a Zoom meeting 
5. Infrastructure committee – Anne-Marie CurtisList of projects for us to collaborate on – themes of safety and transportation (including safe active transportation between schools)   
6. General discussionUpdate from Brendan Maguire:   Work progressing on new high school – trying to secure funding for regulation-size track and football field – open for public use Grant for indigenous arts and culture from Communities, Culture and Heritage – potential to collaborate with indigenous artist   
7. Update from Shawn Cleary  Different types of pedestrian crossings and signals, need to educate the public on differences and how to use them Suburban main street plan – look at ways to improve pedestrian access on Herring Cove Road? Transportation plan going to standing committee in February.
Land use bylaws  
7. AdjournmentNext meeting – February 24