New outdoor theatre in Spryfield brings community together

Here’s a tidy little article in the Chronicle Herald about our fabulous movie theatre and a few the Venturesome Members who made it happen. There’s a tangible swell of interest in the theatre, and I’m quite excited to put together the 2019 theatre season. Do you think this is finally our to do our all-nighter video game marathon of Farm Simulator? I bet we’d be front-runners for a Golden Morrissette – aka the Irony Awards – if we pulled that off!*

Spryfield has a new outdoor theatre that is providing a unique experience for filmgoers to get involved in their community. The theatre is a project of the Spryfield Community Association, which got its start in 2013 and includes members Abe Sorge, Veronica Post and Emily Eager.

“It’s probably not a unique idea, but it’s unique enough for this part of the world,” Sorge says. “It gives you a fundamentally different experience to enjoy a movie and also interact with people from your neighbourhood.”

The theatre is at a location just off Rockingstone Road. The screen is at the bottom of a natural amphitheatre on a plot of land surrounded by trees with the Spryfield Urban Farm at the top of the hill. Occasionally, deer can be heard walking through the nearby woods as the films play. The space is accessible and easy to find. The movies are free to attend. The association worked with the members of the urban farm on the project. Click here to read the rest of the article.

*I don’t think the Irony Awards actually exist, but maybe they do exist and I just didn’t “get it” when they ironically announced their inaugural awards show with extreme heaps of irony. Who knows.