Walk n’ Roll Halifax – Support of Sidewalk Extension along 500 block of Herring Cove Road

#505-85 Spinnaker Drive

Halifax, NS  B3N3E3

January 3, 2016

Re: Support of Sidewalk Extension along 500 block of Herring Cove Road

Walk ‘n Roll Halifax believes in the benefits of walking as a key indicator of healthy and sustainable communities. We see it as a universal right of people to be able to walk safely and to enjoy public spaces everywhere, and for this reason we support the 2017 extension of a sidewalk along both sides of Herring Cove Road to serve the residents on the eastern side of the road from Lynnett Road to 564 Herring Cove Road, and the residents, and commercial and community services on the western side of the road from 505 Herring Cove Road to 581 Herring Cove Road (see attached sketch).

At our December meeting, we agreed with the need for this extension because it provides safe passage for walkers, strollers and wheelchair users from an underprivileged area to access public transportation and local services. Many residents of varying mobilities are already walking along this stretch of road to access public transportation, or simply to get to a nearby shop or service. Provided with a sidewalk, the residents of this area will experience much improvement to their quality of life, increased safety and greater connection to their community.

Among the many community members who access important services at Chebucto Connections, approximately 300 school children walk there each week for Pathways to Education. We strongly believe these children should be provided with a safe way to access this service, literally a pathway to their education!

We understand this sidewalk construction has been requested in the past and may not have been built because of the uncertain future of this section of the Herring Cove Road, i.e. a possible widening or recapitalization. We believe the safety of area residents when walking to transit or local services should give Halifax justification to place this segment of sidewalk infrastructure high on the priority list for the upcoming Capital Budget. This improvement to the area residents’ quality of life should wait no longer.

Thank you,

Bill Campbell,

President, Walk n’ Roll Halifax