Where there’s a will, there’s a right-of-way.

The truth is in the streets, as usual.

The people's crosswalk.

Someone was tired of doing the Spryfield 15-yard dash and painted a crosswalk across Old Sambro road at Schnare Street. This is the most popular entryway into Long Lake Park. This being an intersection, pedestrians have the right-of-way, but few motorists seem to be aware of that law.

In taking some photos of this masterpiece, I was almost hit by a car turning from Schnare Street, even though I did the eye contact thing and made sure it was safe to proceed. The driver didn’t agree and aggressively turned into me as I attempted to cross Old Sambro Road. Another day, another near-miss. You can see why people are using a bucket of paint to gets some kind of an edge.

Here’s hoping the City will take this as a sign and install a signalized crosswalk here.

Edit: Councillor Steve Adams tells me this morning that the city is installing a crosswalk in September. Looking forward to it. I hope the installation crew can see fit to interpret the engineering standards in a way that will allow them to keep the free-form Jackson Pollock crosswalk splatter look. We’ll see!