Board Agenda – September 25, 2019

Approval of Minutes of June 26, 2019

Business arising from the minutes

– Darren updates to website

– Mike development of hub & website status updates/planning

– All of us (311 or call councillor) re: crosswalk at Old Sambro / Schnare 

– Anne-Marie HRM population projection

– Abe Planifax re: interest in pedestrian bridge across arm

– Marjorie letter re: participant school planning process

– James & Abe : meeting with Maura Donovan re: school stuff

Continuing business

– School building footprint has been announced. Now we must cram it with stuff we want.

– V’ron: moonrise movies: recap, resolution re: asking for sponsorships, thank-you’s to Connie, Roger, Allie, Megan, Urban Farm and Jessey’s Pizza. Budget stuff. Resolution re: honorarium for photography services.

– Our room booking contract with Rec needs a retroactive resolution authorizing Abe to sign it. Could take this as an opportunity to discuss insurance in general. 

– Herring Cove Road Functional assessment – not gone to TSC yet, don’t know the status.

Any other business

– Correspondence: tree planting


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