Agenda Oct. 25th/23

  • Spryfield Community Association Board Meeting – Sept. 27, 2023
  • Number/Who Who Topic/Discussion Decision/Action
  • 1.Opening
  • 5 mins
  • AMC Roundtable/
  • Introductions
  • Please share one word or phrase for how
  • you are feeling today
  • Approval previous
    minutes MW
    5 mins
    MW Sept 27
  • Upcoming
    5 mins
    AMC Confirm Monthly
    Meeting Dates
    Admin of calendar
    Facilities Status
    Sept 27
    Oct 27
    Nov 15
    Nov 29
    Jan 31
    Feb 28
    Mar 27
    Apr 24
    May 29
    June 26
    Monthly Meeting
    HHH Engage Speaker Event
  • Engage
    40 mins (as required)
    Emily Bout
    Of Engage
    through to April
    And plans for Nov
    Discuss Engage Community Facilitation
    *Need to issue invites to broader
  • Treasurer’s Update
    5 mins
    MS Update
  • Website/Administration
    Other Topics – as time allows
  • Dunbrack & OSR
    5 mins
    PC Development
    Planting Initiative
  • EAC Active Community
    Fund and Initiatives
    PC Update on Bike
    events this month
    5 mins
  • Movie equipment
    5 mins
  • Tom Urbaniak HHH
    5 mins
    AMC Currently on
    notice for Spring
  • Spry Arena
    5 mins
    AMC Note from J. Du
    re: community
  • Other business/Open
    5 mins
    MW Updated and attached
    Spryfield Community Association To Do List
    Starting from November 30 meeting (plus some earlier bits)
    Active Transportation Committee meeting – set a date
    Counsellor Cuttell to search for themes in the results of our sensing questions as part of
    strategic plan
    Anne-Marie will try to set up our files in google docs; Councillor Cuttell will use her personal
    g-mail to access these files; board directors are encouraged to review google doc methods
    using link Darren sent (
    Herring Cove Road plan implementation – SCA board will monitor progress and take
    advantage of input opportunities
    From October 2022
    More Ideas for Community Conversations:
  • Management Plan for Long Lake Provincial Park;
  • provincial changes to Municipal Charter for HRM;
  • democracy – what it is and how to protect it;
  • affordable and low-income housing options (e.g. Jim Graham with AHANS);
  • development pressure and watersheds (e.g. Martin Willison and HRM staff)
  • Movie equipment We need to find
    storage space for the equipment,
    especially the heavy,
    bulky battery
    Emily to check with Ketch Harbour group.
    Depending on response, Anne-Marie to ask the
    library; Marney to discuss with J.L. Ilsley High
    School and with Chebucto Connections.
    From September 2022
    Social and other media Web hosting – Darren will ask Michael if we can be
    invoiced for this (to avoid credit card)
    Banner – Marney
    Agent registration – Add to next meeting
    Going forward:
    January 25, 2023
    February 22, 2023
    Marjorie to ask Patty if she has themed the responses to our sensing question