Agenda and Minutes Jan. 2024

Spryfield Community Association Board Meeting – Jan 31 2024
Number/Who Who Topic/Discussion Decision/Action
5 mins
AMC Roundtable/
Happy New Year! Please share one word or phrase for how you are feeling today
Present: Jeanette Combes, Addy, Anne-Marie, Alan Marriot, Kerry Hodgson,
Darren, Marjorie, Counselor Patty Cuttell

  1. Approval previous
    minutes MW
    5 mins
    MW Nov 29 2023 Approved.
  2. Upcoming
    5 mins
    AMC Confirm Monthly
    Meeting Dates
    Admin of
    Facilities Status
    Sept 27
    Oct 27
    Nov 15
    Nov 29
    Jan 31
    Feb 28
    Mar 27
    Apr 24
    May 29
    June 26
    HHH May 28 (tuesday)
    AGM – TBD (May 29 or June 25)
  3. LLPA Update
    10 mins
    MW/DP Trail to Dunbrack – Long Lake Provincial Park Association (LLPPA) has made
    the case for building a trail linking the park to access from Osborne. The first
    year of funding covers just the design.
    LLPPA is holding a Winter Carnival with the support of Engage NS to encourage
    park use in winter, let people know about the Osborne connector, and raise funds.
  4. Engage
    25 mins
    AMC &
    conclusions re:
    spryfield data
    In reviewing Engage quality of life data for spryfield, we were surprised by some
    of the results such as
  • people aren’t helpful
  • services for seniors, others are lacking
    We will encourage the community to be helpful, volunteer, that it’s okay to ask
    for help.
    Consider making this a focus, maybe get help with developing a marketing plan
    with support of Engage funding.
  1. Next HHH
    5 mins
    Capt. Spry Library has agreed to promote speaker Tom Urbaniak and has offered
    time and space for Tuesday, May 28.
  2. Treasurer’s Update
    5 mins
    MS Update We have $438.78. We appreciate Patty’s support of 50|% towards the cost of our
    monthly meetings in the Capt. Spry Community Centre.
  3. Update on Rink
    10 mins
    DP/MW HRM will build a new arena and they have created a committee to gather public
    views about what might go into a new arena. From that data, the committee will
    submit recommendations to HRM. Darren and Marjorie are representing SCA on
    the committee.
  4. Website/Administration
    5 mins
    DP Darren explained the importance of checking the e-mail for SCA, which Marjorie
  5. Councillor updates
    10 mins
    PC Miscellaneous
    Counselor Cuttell has encouraged SCA to join with her in distributing art cards to
    hand out during Valentine. Messages could reflect being neighbourly and helping
    others. These art cards and various messages can help support our focus from the
    Engage quality of life indicator results. Patty has provided support to local artists
    to create the art cards. Based on her experience in the North End, we can expect
    the cards to gain in popularity.
    Dunbarack & OSR
    5 mins
    PC Development
    Planting Initiative
    In the past we have discussed planting on HC road. We will discuss this and also
    the idea of planting on Dunbrack and Old Sambro Road in the spring.
    EAC Active Community
    Fund and Initiatives
    PC Update on Bike
    Spryfield! next
    Bike Spryfield was a great success and it was the first time it was held in
    Spryfield. Thank you, Patty, for making the case to have it in Spryfield.
    Movie equipment MW Emily still has the equipment. She is married now and is expecting her first child,
    so we may not see much of her in the months ahead! We will give ourselves until
    the end of June to find someone to run movies. Failing that, we will find a group
    to take over and give them the equipment.
    Next meeting February 28.
    Spryfield Community Association To Do List
    Starting from November 30 meeting (plus some earlier bits)
    Active Transportation Committee meeting – set a date
    Counsellor Cuttell to search for themes in the results of our sensing questions as part of strategic plan
    Anne-Marie will try to set up our files in google docs; Councillor Cuttell will use her personal g-mail to access these files; board
    directors are encourage to review google doc methods using link Darren sent (
    Herring Cove Road plan implementation – SCA board will monitor progress and take advantage of input opportunities
    From October, 2022
    More Ideas for Community Conversations:
  • Management Plan for Long Lake Provincial Park;
  • provincial changes to Municipal Charter for HRM;
  • democracy – what it is and how to protect it;
  • affordable and low-income housing options (e.g. Jim Graham with AHANS);
  • development pressure and watersheds (e.g. Martin Willison and HRM staff)
  1. Movie equipment We need to find
    storage space for
    especially the heavy,
    bulky battery
    Emily to check with Ketch Harbour group.
    Depending on response, Anne-Marie to ask the
    library; Marney to discuss with J.L. Ilsley High
    School and with Chebucto Connections.
    From September 2022
    Social and other media Web hosting – Darren will ask Michael if we can be
    invoiced for this (to avoid credit card)
    Banner – Marney
    Agent registration – Add to next meeting
    Going forward:
    January 25, 2023
    February 22, 2023
    Marjorie to ask Patty if she has themed the responses to our sensing questions
    Marney will check with Cooperators Insurance to determine our options
    Marney to ask Emily if she is still storing all the theatre equipment. Next step would be to contact Adam Huffman.
    March 29, 2023
    May 21, 2023
    Marjorie to ask Emily if she still has the equipment.
    Darren will post something on social media to say that SCA is looking for someone to serve as a Film Night Volunteer to help with
    showing films.

    Ongoing initiatives of others (e.g. Halifax Cycling Coalition, HRM Active Transportation Advisory Committee) fit with SCA interests
    and priorities. Ongoing
    We will invite Engage NS to make a presentation focused on Spryfield for, hopefully, June 21 – our next meeting date. This will lay
    the groundwork for strategic planning in September with facilitation by Jasmin Du. In progress
  2. Women’s Safety Audit
  • being planned for September 2023 In progress