Spryfield Film Festival

Call for Submissions

Do you take videos on your phone or camera? Do you enjoy posting your home videos online? Do you have a story you want to tell? See your movie shown on the big screen!! We are looking for short films, under 15 minutes long that are made by residents of the Spryfield area. All submissions will be reviewed by a jury and selections will be made for a special screening at the upcoming Spryfield Outdoor Theatre! Awards and prizes for categories including Best Documentary, Best Music Video, Best Original Screenplay, Best Animation and Crowd Favorite will be announced directly after the screening. Winning short films will be posted on our website!

Nothin’ Fancy! Do not feel like you have to be a professional film-maker to submit your video! We want to showcase the diverse and everyday voices of Spryfield, all ages and all levels of experience!! Do you know someone interesting as a subject for a documentary or interview? Just film them, add your title and credits and send it in! Are you or your friends making music? Make a music video for your song and showcase it to the community! Are you are a story-teller? Work on your screenplay chops, enlist your friends as actors, or use animation to tell your story to an appreciative audience. Are you part of an exciting project or initiative? Use this opportunity to tell everyone about it! We know that if Spryfielders put their minds to it, we will have amazing films to see, share and enjoy together.

Deadline For Submissions: August 1st, 2017.

How to Apply: Fill out the Spryfield Film Festival Application form, and email the completed form and your short film file to [email protected]

Date of Festival Screening(s): September 16th, 2017.

Jury Process: The jury will be made up of the Spryfield Community Association Film Fest committee, and 3 other knowledgeable members (contact Veronica if you are interested in being a jury member). After the submission deadline, we will preview all selections. We will assess the submissions for acceptability based on their merits and if they confirm to the list of terms (see Terms and Conditions). All films which pass this assessment will move to the final level of the process. If all acceptable submissions fit into one screening (maximum 2 hours per screening) then we will show them all. If there are still more submissions than the time allows, we have a process of elimination by voting on which submissions to screen.

Terms and Conditions: (In the spirit of creative expression, we will keep this list short as possible!) All submissions must include a title and credits. All films must be submitted on or before the deadline. We will not accept films that we find to promote hatred or discrimination. Nudity, Sexual acts, coarse language and violence which we find gratuitous or extreme will not be accepted. The Spryfield community association reserves the right to accept or deny any submission based on our judgement and the judgement of the jury members.